Company Profile

     WALCARE INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY COMPANY is a hybrid business group, continues to grow with the manufacturing division MKWOLF, which is exclusively for the outdoor industry. specialize in innovative designs and are proud to making an array of outdoor products. including tactical gears,walkie talkies,backpacks,survival equipement,  We are much more than just a manufacturer. We also offer an extensive selection of related accessories,parts and services, enabling you to make all your purchases in one place. 
    We are able to provide quality merchandise to our customers thanks to our machining technology and skills. 
    We certainly could not have achieved and grown without support from our great customers, employees, family, and friends. A sincere thank you to all.


1.We are a young and energetic team. We provide 24-hour service. As long as you have any questions, you can contact us at any time. 2. We keep learning, familiar with the products and production process, and have strict requirements on quality.3. Actively understand your needs and difficulties and communicate in time. 

Recommended Products


  • Designing products is our strong point. We analyze market demand together with customers, after thinking, discussing, modifying, drawing out the effect diagram, re-adjusting, drawing out the structure diagram, making prototypes, opening molds, function research and development, to mass production, We will carefully grasp every link to reduce risks for customers and provide competitive products.

  • We making outdoor products based on our CNC machining technology and other metal processing skills, we make blank firing attachment also at high level standard, we have rich experiences in making hardwares,but focusing on machining watch case and BFAs. 

  • Products customization and designing is an necessary work for our customers, we have partner near our company, we will work with them to express the features and advantages of the products and we will thinking how to be attractive at side of end-users.

  • After-sales service Shipping products is not a big problem for most of our clients, but what we cared about is how save the shipping costs. We negotiate with forwarder, know their operating systems...