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1. International sales team: 
With rich technical experience in tactical gears manufacturing fields, We Work with customers on pre-sales basis to develop product specifications and functional requirements, Interfaces with customers by phone, e-mail, and in person to answer application questions and help customers solve technical problems. We are Strong customer focus, with unwavering attention to costs and quality ,Excellent presentation, oral and written communication skills as well as strong technical analytical skills.
Thorough understanding of how to interpret customer business needs and translate them into technical and operational requirements. 
2. Engineering Department 
We have assigned jobs, one responsible for designing and make drawing with software CAD, ProE, Soliworks, one work for making clamps and select tools. One working for programming and training the workers to operate. Many assistant to help them mange the tools, parts, and communicate with other departments as well as give statistical report of quantity. We don’t use ERP system,  We just use Email and Wechat Group which is convenient and effective to communicate. You know each work have mobile phone and use this soft.
3. Producing Department
Production line: 1. Punching production line 2. Drilling production line 3. CNC machining line  4, milling production  line,  5. Oxidation line ( separate workshop)

4. Assembling Department
We assemble each product under strict standard; We make the tools and clamps by ourselves.

5. Test Department
We have raw material testing and finished product testing.
Take handguard for example: We will check each piece if the size, tolerance, color is correct, if burr, scratched. If found any slight flaw, we will give it our without excuses.  And for carry handle with rear sight adjusting function, that required high skill to test, especially the accuracy, any a very small spring or hoodle will influence the sensitivity. 

6. Packing team

Product: BFA ( Blank firing adaptor ) 1. our people need wear gloves and working coat, no dust. 2. We packing the product use PP bag, and label card, stapling the paperclip and pp bag, and Put in the box neatly, 3.Using packing tape outside the carton boxes strongly.  Product sight tool, we will use pp bag and a small boxes which save product and accessories, different packing method for different product. 

7. Forwarder

This series of products is different from ordinary hardware parts; you are wise to know that very especially in China, so we place great demands on our forwarder, I will usually go to shipping company to talk with them, safe, low costs and fast delivery.

Working process:

1.      Communicate with customers and know the demands and requirements.

2.      Cost analysis according with Drawings, ( material costs, working time, labor costs )

3.      Assist with customers to analysis the rationality and discuss if modify the drawings.

4.      Making samples and following the work

5.      If samples confirmed and order placed, we will arrange production

6.      Material sourcing and testing

7.      Machining ( milling, drilling, punching, casting etc )

8.      Surface treatment (oxidizing,polishing,etc)

9.      Assembling

10.  QualityTesting

11.  packing and Delivering