Shade Awning Tent for Car Camping Road Trip Essentials Midsize to Full Size SUV Van Waterproof 3000

:2022-10-24:73:SUV Tent for Camping, Double Door Design, Waterproof PU2000mm Double Layer for 6-8 Person, Camping
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  • We making custom tents for our customers based on the design and requirements on materials,struction, functions and budget, The specifications for reference only:
    It's the perfect way to get away from the heat, or weather, and offers a nice relaxing area inside for up to 4 people to sit around a table. You can even use the tailgate tent to sleep in, as it can sleep up to 2 adults comfortably while the kids sleep inside the SUV or minivan.
  • The "D" shaped car tent offers ample room inside, measuring 10 feet long x 5 feet wide x 7.2 feet tall, and offers enough room inside to even fit a table to eat at or work at, , with 4 chairs around it.
  • An adaptive car seal along ensures you keep to the cool air from your cars A/C in the tent when necessary. fits onto most standard SUV and minivan tailgates that swing up (width under 2.6M high under t 2.2M).
  • Storage – you’ll appreciate this especially during longer stays – leaving things you use daily in the tent without having to pack it into boxes in the car or roof storage. It can function as a standalone tent.
  • You just need to insert 2 long poles into sleeves on the corners for it to fully form into a "D", 5 short poles support on the side. From there it's just a matter of attaching it to the tailgate of your SUV or minivan. It takes around just 3-4 minutes to fully setup with 2 person.