What can we do

The range of carbon fiber customized products is too wide. We only focus on carbon fiber watches, carbon fiber auto parts and related fields, so as to ensure professionalism and service quality.

Regarding customized carbon fiber watches, the primary tasks we undertake include:

1. Demand analysis: Before initiating production, we engage in detailed communication with the customer. We maintain online availability during the afternoon and evening to accommodate time differences. Communication encompasses specifications for the watch case, caseback, bezel, hands, dial, crown, sapphire crystal, strap, buckle, etc. We provide assistance to customers with drawings, comprising mental sketches, 3D renderings, and technical drawings.

2. Mold making: The precision and quality of the mold significantly influence the final product. Therefore, we employ high-grade steel to ensure the accuracy of the mold meets the requisite standards.

3. Carbon fiber material preparation: Carbon fiber material undergoes cutting and processing according to the specified design requirements to fabricate various watch components. This stage necessitates proficient use of specialized technology and equipment to guarantee the performance and quality of the carbon fiber materials.

4. Assembly and calibration: Following the preparation of all components, we commence the assembly process. Careful attention is paid to the fit and accuracy of each part to ensure the watch's stability and reliability. Subsequently, rigorous testing and calibration are conducted to verify the functionality of all watch features.

5. Quality inspection: Upon completion of production, the watch undergoes comprehensive quality inspection. This entails a meticulous evaluation of the watch's appearance, functionality, performance, and other parameters to ensure alignment with both quality standards and customer specifications.

6. Packaging and delivery: Finally, the watch is meticulously packaged and promptly delivered to the customer, ensuring safe transit and customer satisfaction.

Regarding carbon fiber modified car accessories, we primarily produce the following products:

1. Carbon fiber body kits: These include carbon fiber front lips, side skirts, rear spoilers, and more. These kits enhance the vehicle's aerodynamic performance, driving stability, and aesthetics, providing it with a distinctive and dynamic appearance.

2. Carbon fiber interior accessories: This category comprises items such as steering wheels, dashboards, and seat frames crafted from carbon fiber. Not only do these accessories reduce vehicle weight and enhance performance, but they also elevate the luxury and sportiness of the vehicle's interior ambiance.

3. Carbon fiber engine hoods: Engine hoods fabricated from carbon fiber are notably lighter than those made from traditional metal materials. This reduction in weight effectively lightens the vehicle's front end, optimizes front-to-rear weight distribution, and enhances handling performance.

4. Carbon fiber brake systems: Carbon fiber brake discs and pads exhibit superior thermal stability and wear resistance. These components improve braking performance, decrease braking distances, and contribute to overall driving safety.

5. Carbon fiber air intake systems: Examples include carbon fiber air inlets and intake pipes. These systems optimize air intake efficiency, thereby enhancing engine performance and overall vehicle dynamics.