How do we work

Project Discussion Stage: We will patiently listen to our customers' needs. Whether you're a professional or an amateur, if you're interested in undertaking a project, we'll take it seriously. However, we will also be forthright in declining projects that exceed our capabilities or those with maliciously low pricing without emphasis on quality. When we say YES, it's a commitment to see your project through to completion.

Drawing and Proofing Stage: Taking carbon fiber watches as an example, all details confirmation relies on drawings. Therefore, we will assist you in creating sketch drawings, 3D drawings, and renderings. Once this step is completed, we'll confirm each component, including sapphire, watch case, bezel, hands, dial, movement, caseback, crown, strap, buckle, water resistance, or even the gift box. During this stage, we can evaluate the cost of proofing and the delivery time.

Manufacturing Stage: We will rigorously test incoming materials, tracking and reporting every step from mold making to CNC machining.

Mass Production Stage: Following the production plan, we'll conduct step-by-step quality inspections. This is a complex process, and if necessary, we'll provide you with a detailed quality inspection report.

Packing and Delivery Stage: We use robust cartons filled with pearl cotton to ensure product protection. Additionally, we consider shipping costs, effectiveness, and safety for our customers.

Follow-up After Sales Stage: Should any issues arise, we'll promptly communicate and resolve them. If repair is needed, it will be conducted, and if a redo is necessary, it will be undertaken. Our goal is to address any concerns before the product leaves the factory. We believe that exemplary after-sales service means addressing issues promptly and effectively.