In the process of the development of walkie-talkies, more and more new technologies or basic functions are being used in them. Today, let’s take a look at the use of Bluetooth headsets in wireless walkie-talkies.
First, let's understand the definition of Bluetooth: Bluetooth is a power-consuming, short-circuit wireless communication technology. As a small-scale wireless communication standard, the biggest advantage of Bluetooth is that electronic systems can be wirelessly connected to each other through Bluetooth, eliminating the need for traditional cable connections. The most typical ones seen in daily life are products such as Bluetooth headsets and Bluetooth speakers.
Bluetooth headsets also play a huge role in the application of walkie-talkies. They can not only free up the hands of the caller, but also sometimes have the function of making private calls. The two are related to the special office environment. It can be said that there are many brands of walkie-talkie headset products, and the classification and use methods are also different. Sometimes the whole machine of different brands and different models has different headset configurations, which can easily cause confusion among consumers. Confused. Today I will talk to you about the use and advantages of Bluetooth headsets in walkie-talkie applications:
Alternative cable
The walkie-talkie or car station can be equipped with Bluetooth PTT and Bluetooth shoulder microphone or Bluetooth headset, which completely solves the tangled cables of wired shoulder microphones or wired mobile phone headsets.
free your hands
Keep calls going while you're working. A walkie-talkie Bluetooth shoulder mic or Bluetooth headset provides the convenience of hands-free calling. Even if you have both hands on the steering wheel, Bluetooth technology can ensure your conversations continue.
Reduce power consumption
Bluetooth is a power-consuming wireless communication technology, and the Bluetooth headset call function consumes about 10 meters A. When the walkie-talkie uses a Bluetooth shoulder microphone or Bluetooth headset for voice calls, the speaker of the walkie-talkie can be turned off, thus reducing the power consumption of the walkie-talkie.
Good defense
It relies on Bluetooth point-to-point wireless data transmission to replace wired electrode cables, and can pass through obstacles to achieve real-time and covert communication of dual video, voice and data transmission.