Winter Camping Adventures in Rural Canada: The Magic of New Year's


I'm from rural Canada, where camping is not just a hobby but a way of life. The vast majority of people own their own camps, and even if they don't, we're never far from a spot where we can pitch a tent and enjoy the simple pleasures of smores under the stars.

My best friend is the proud owner of a camp situated 150km from Thunder Bay in Canada, and it's a yearly tradition for us to gather there to celebrate New Year's. New Year's in Canada, especially in our rural areas, means snow and biting cold, but that never dampens our spirits. People from Ontario, Manitoba, and Alberta would gather, each bringing their own unique flavor to the celebration.

On the stroke of every hour, at 12, 1 am, and 2 am, we would light up the sky with fireworks, a spectacular display over the frozen lake, marking the arrival of the New Year in each respective province. After that, we'd strip off our winter gear, roll around in the snow for a bit of fun, and then jump into the sauna to warm up. It's an experience that really gets the blood flowing and leaves you feeling invigorated!

During these camping trips, one of the essential items we never forget to bring is our kids two-way radios. Given the vastness of our campsite and the potential for getting lost in the snow, these radios provide us with a sense of security and peace of mind. They allow us to stay connected, ensuring that if anyone gets separated or needs assistance, we can quickly communicate and coordinate our efforts.

Whether it's coordinating a search party, calling for help, or just checking in with each other to make sure everyone is safe and sound, our kids two-way radios are invaluable tools. They add an extra layer of safety to our already enjoyable camping experiences, allowing us to focus more on the fun and less on potential worries. So, whether we're roasting marshmallows, telling stories around the campfire, or just enjoying the quiet beauty of the Canadian winter, our kids two-way radios are always there, ready to serve if needed.