Exploring the Benefits: Public Network Walkie-Talkies in Action!

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of social informatization, public network walkie-talkies have emerged in the field of wireless communication. Compared to traditional analog and digital walkie-talkie products, what are the advantages of public network walkie-talkies? What has propelled them to become the "top players" in the walkie-talkie market in just a few years?

Breaking the Distance Barrier

The emergence of public network walkie-talkies has shattered the limitations of communication distance. Unlike traditional wireless radios' rigid communication modes, public network walkie-talkies rely on operator networks to achieve real-time communication. This means they are somewhat similar to mobile phones or WeChat, where as long as there's coverage from the operator's signal, public network walkie-talkies can facilitate real-time communication. The real-time communication feature sets public network walkie-talkies apart from WeChat, highlighting their uniqueness as professional communication devices.

Real-Time Communication, Instant Response

In applications such as transportation dispatching, traffic control, large-scale parks, construction sites, and mall management, public network walkie-talkies offer faster response times compared to the cumbersome dialing, listening, and replying processes of WeChat or mobile phones. They provide more stable data and voice transmission and have a longer lifespan.

Low Cost, No Certification Required

Public network walkie-talkies, relying on public mobile networks, significantly reduce construction costs for customers. Users do not need to obtain a radio qualification certificate; both the general public and amateur players can use them without barriers. Compared to the high fees and data charges incurred by using mobile phones, public network walkie-talkies have relatively low usage costs.

Hands-Free Operation, Efficient Communication

Although smartphones are fully functional and WeChat can facilitate basic voice communication, walkie-talkies still hold an irreplaceable position for professional users during duty tasks or work. Especially when we are busy with hands-on work, using Bluetooth headsets with public network walkie-talkies enables one-touch communication, ensuring secure, efficient, and accurate communication.

Which Industries Prefer Public Network Walkie-Talkies?

For self-driving enthusiasts, walkie-talkies are essential outdoor tools, especially for car fleets, as walkie-talkies offer safer and more reliable communication than making phone calls, with timely information and unrestricted by distance in areas covered by the public network.

In hotels and supermarkets, convenient communication is essential for the smooth conduct of daily business for service and management personnel. With Wi-Fi network coverage in most hotels, public network walkie-talkies are the best communication tools for hotel and supermarket staff at any location and time.

In the tourism industry, tour guides can observe the location information of group members in real-time and maintain close communication with them, making public network walkie-talkies a must-have for each tourist group, eliminating the need for loudspeakers and mini loudspeakers.

In the taxi transportation industry, as a 24-hour public transportation service covering a wide area, traditional walkie-talkies find it difficult to establish mutual communication due to distance limitations. Public network walkie-talkies, however, are not restricted by distance, providing great convenience for communication between taxis, and between taxis and companies.
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