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Process Apple watch case in China and send it to Texas

:2021-07-04:341:Watch Case Manufacturer
How long does it take to process Apple watch case in China and send it to Texas? How much?
      Do you want us to process your Iwatch cover in Shenzhen, China? From China to Texas
      Sample: about $20-30 estimated time of arrival: 5-7 days.
      We will send your parts by DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, etc. (small batch) we can transport them by air, sea or rail.
      What can we do?
1. NC machining and rapid response manufacturing.
2. Prototyping, anodizing, laser engraving and fabrication.
     We are a factory from Shenzhen, providing 3D printing, metal processing (CNC milling, turning, drilling), plastic injection mold, die casting and precision casting......
Founded in May 2006, the company mainly produces stainless steel watch case, apple watch case, charging handle, CNC machining parts, precision machining parts, precision hardware, aluminum products and other related products. All of these are widely used in the customer's terminal industry. After 11 years of development, we can provide one-stop service from raw material procurement to transportation, and all production processes are completed within the company. Shenzhen factory wholesale CNC processing stainless steel case, polishing custom coins and super luminous ceramic baffle 40mm, professional manufacturing high quality case CNC processing.

     Our factory covers an area of 15000 square meters, has 200 advanced CNC machine tools, 500 workers, and can produce 1 million pieces per month. The order starts at 500 pieces.

     Apple again pushes beta4 update of watchos 7.6 developer preview and public beta
     Today, apple once again pushed the beta 4 update (18u5552d) of watchos 7.6 developer preview and public beta to Apple watch users.
     In addition, Apple also pushed MacOS Big Sur 11.5, IOS / iPad OS 14.7, tvos 14.7 beta4 (18m5552d) updates.

    To install the beta version of watchos 7.6, you need to download the correct configuration file from the Apple Developer Center, and then you can download the beta version of watchos through the apple watch special program on the iPhone.
    To update to the new version, the apple watch needs at least 50% power, and it must be charged and within the reach of the iPhone.