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How to properly maintain the crown, mirror and case of the watch?


A watch requires more than just the strap! But it is impossible to do all maintenance. 

There are at least hundreds of parts. 

The following important parts must be paid attention to:


  • The crown is an integral part of the watch. If you accidentally enter the water, it will basically penetrate from the position of the crown.

It will naturally affect the entire operation of the watch!So now to ensure and extend the sealing and waterproof performance of the crown. 

Some watches will add a steel wire hoop outside the O-ring inside the crown.

  • In addition, the hands are frequently adjusted for winding, pulling out, and rotating. 

It is also easy to cause the sealing rubber ring to age and wear faster.

  • If you are a gold-plated watch, it is recommended to apply a little transparent nail polish to the surface. It can effectively reduce the friction and contact between the crown and the wrist skin. Or you can add a little silicone oil between the crown and the crown tube of the case, which is also an effective way to ensure lubrication and waterproof performance.

(If it is a stainless steel crown, you do not need to pay attention. Next time you buy, it is better to choose a large crown~)

  • And for watch crowns with diamonds or gems. Be careful not to drop the watch on the ground. If the crown is broken, be sure to send it to a repair shop in time.

PS: When it is found that the crown of the watch has a problem or is loose and falls off. Please replace it in time to avoid greater damage.


Generally speaking, the watch will inevitably cause some scratches during wearing. There are also watch friends who want to pursue a higher watch texture, 

and they will also "upgrade" their love watches. In these situations, you can choose to change the mirror for your watch.

Many people think about changing the mirror surface, but changing the mirror surface is not only expensive but also very troublesome. So this part of the mirror must not be neglected. Even the wear-resistant sapphire crystal glass should be careful not to let the mirror of the watch collide with sharp objects to avoid damage to the watch. Also pay attention to the strap to avoid damage to the strap and the watch falling on the ground.

Watch case

When wearing a watch. Sweat is corrosive to the case. The all-steel case steel case has better corrosion resistance due to its nickel-chromium alloy. The semi-steel case is made of copper, and it is prone to corrosion if it is in contact with sweat for a long time, so we often wipe off the sweat with a soft cloth or put a plastic watch holder to prevent it from being corroded by sweat.

The watch case also needs to be maintained! It represents your face, whatever face you want, you can design what kind of watch case.

According to your needs, you can design any watch case you want, 

welcome to consult and order, watch case CNC machining, we are professional.