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Reasons why mechanical watches often stop

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I believe that many mechanical watch owners have encountered such a problem "Mechanical watches go and stop", what is going on? Generally speaking, this question is very general and involves many, many factors. Today, we will integrate various factors to summarize and answer this question.


1. Lack of power


Mechanical watches can be divided into two categories, manual mechanical watches and automatic mechanical watches. Manual mechanical watches need regular replenishment of the clockwork before they can operate normally. If they stop or move quickly, 80% of them need to be replenished.


The fully automatic mechanical watch needs to wear enough time every day and enough activity to operate normally. So if you dont have enough wearing time, or the amount of activity is insufficient, then there will be insufficient motivation. At this time, you can manually replenish the clockwork to maintain the normal operation of the watch.


2. Suffering a violent impact


Mechanical watches are precision instruments. For precision instruments, impact is absolutely inevitable. A violent impact or collision is likely to peel off small parts. Therefore, we must pay attention in daily life, wear a mechanical watch to avoid strenuous activities, any part of the fall will affect the normal operation of the mechanical watch.


3. Magnetized


All kinds of electronic devices in life will generate a variety of magnetic fields, and the magnetic field is known as the "invisible killer of modern mechanical watches." The parts of the movement, especially the hairspring, will be magnetized under the influence of the magnetic field. Once the hairspring is magnetized, it will stick to each other.


4. Excessive temperature difference


It may be difficult for many people to understand that a large temperature difference will also have a significant impact on a mechanical watch. This is because there is lubricating oil inside the movement. If it is overheated, it will dilute the lubricating oil. If the temperature is too low, the lubricating oil will solidify. Naturally it will have a certain impact on the watch.


5. Need maintenance


Mechanical watch parts will wear out during long-term use, the lubricating oil in the movement will lose its lubricating effect, and a series of factors will eventually cause the watch to have a larger timekeeping error, so it is necessary to maintain it if necessary. In theory, it is maintained every 3 to 5 years


Okay, that's all. You can add some deficiencies.

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