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Watchmaking-watch case making

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Watches are something that we usually see. Have you ever wondered about its structure and interior?

Do you want to know what went through in making the case?

Watch case production process

1. Design a drawing

Watch drawing is generally divided into plane draftsman (mostly drawn in tables) and structural draftsman. Let me do the shell example.

The draftsman on my side draws the table diagram first. I usually draw flat, 3D, and rendering diagrams to confirm that the appearance details are OK.

Provide 3D drawings and assembly drawings to the draftsman of the shell factory. The draftsman of the shell factory draws the structural data diagram 

and submits it to my engineer for review and confirmation, and the work can be started without any problem. (Generally, we will make a sample first, 

and confirm that the sample is no problem in the production of bulk goods) 3D drawing assembly drawing data drawing

      2. Processing

According to the drawings, the embryo factory will make the embryos (press the steel plate to make the appearance of the watch, just find the pictures for examples)

Incoming embryos are roughed out by the oil machine first, and the remaining amount of the embryos is removed (usually there is a 0.5mm allowance).

After the oil machine is roughed and finished, the nc machine (automatic lathe) finishes the precision data according to the content of the drawing. Generally, the internal structure is directly and accurately in place (the tolerance range of 3-5c is generally allowed, 1c=0.01mm per hair strand Probably 8c).

NC machine

After that, the drill press drills the holes and ear holes, and then returns to the top and bottom of the oil mill (the reason is to stay out of the final processing because you are afraid that the previous steps will hit the outside). After these steps, you will go to the mill. Different watch case styles also have slightly different processing techniques. The above are general and conventional steps, some small lathes and cnc equipment to be used.

3. Mill grinding

The mill is the most important part of the entire watch case processing link. It is good to prepare the standard data according to the standard grade of the watch case. Ensure that the internal structure is correct and reasonable, and the appearance is polished all on the workmanship of the mill.

Polishing steps:

① Polish the inside of the ear of the machine with the batch front, 220# sandpaper batch fan

② The light machine is used to make a large batch of front, and 220# sandpaper is used to wind

③ When the light machine is opened thick, the body is too young, and the thick grass wheel 220# is used, and the thick grass wheel 320# is used to wipe the yellow wax with the grass wheel machine. Various grinding wheels and corresponding mouthpieces

④ Make a slim body with a light machine. Shimianlun 240# is used to wipe yellow wax operation by grass turbine

⑤ The ear tips are made by the optical machine, and the bottom of the shot is flat. Pass the disc machine with 220# sandpaper 600# sandpaper.

The above steps are all the steps of the optical machine. The optical machine is a department of the mill which is mainly responsible for the rough grinding first, to ensure that the shading and other lines of the above processing steps are polished, and then the mill will carry out the drawing and polishing steps.

⑥ The ears, mouths, and bases of the ears are opened in the mill. Operation: motor operated by hemp wheel + yellow wax operation. Most of the mill is operated by motor

⑦ The inner side of the mill ear is rounded, the inner side of the ear is rounded, the body is rounded, the inner side of the shell is handy (paddling). Operation: hemp wheel + yellow wax operation

⑧ The mill sweeps the body, rough sweep + fine sweep. Operation: hemp wheel for rough sweeping + yellow wax, wind wheel for fine sweeping + large white wax

⑨ The mill sharpens the body. Operation: wire wheel + big white wax

⑩ The mill sharpens the body. Operation: wire wheel + big white wax

⑪ Crustacean, crustacean, crustacean ear sand. Operation: Rubber Grinding Wheel 80# for Quartz Sand Machine

⑫ The mill has a thick and light body and a thin body. Operation: wire wheel + small green wax

⑬ Ear sanding in the mill. Operation: paparazzi wheel for tablet machine + small red wax

⑭ Shell and ear sand. Operation: stranded grinding wheel for pitting machine

⑮ Polish the mill, thin and big body. Operation: motor + small white wax

⑯ Inner shadow sand. Operation: 220# sandpaper for pitting machine

⑰ Ultrasonic cleaning

⑱ Enter the shell room, and the quality requirements for the shell inspection: 1 The body must not have rough lines, flower lines, or collapse points; 2 Shell surface sand and bottom sand must not be messy, and the sand must be round with stripes and no broken lines.

Various polishing waxes applied to the case polishing wheel:

Grass wheel 220#+ yellow wax

Asbestos wheel 320#+white oil wax

Sandpaper 220#/600#+white oil wax

Hemp wheel + yellow wax

Wire wheel + small white wax

Wind wheel + big white wax

White wire wheel + small green wax

White line wheel + small white wax

Rubber wheel

Paparazzi wheel + small red wax various polishing wax

4. Shell inspection room

The watch case polished by the mill above is cleaned and sent to the case inspection room for inspection according to the grade requirements. The defective parts are marked with a red pen for back grinding until the quality requirements are met.

5. Quality Department

The quality department is mainly responsible for checking whether the quality of the watch case accessories ordered is up to standard. The watch case accessories are generally made by the following accessories factories (then I give an example of the style above): glass, ceramic ring, I order O order (glass and bottom cover waterproof ring), oil filling and luminous, hardware accessories factory (slingshot line, octagonal line, solid Machine ring screw), handlebar tube, bottom cover.

6. Warehouse

All watch case parts will enter the warehouse after checking the quality without any problems, and register them separately. The warehouse confirms that all parts are delivered and sent to the packaging department.

7. Packaging

The packaging department is responsible for assembling all the accessories and shipping the complete case

The production process of the case varies with different designs.

According to your needs, you can design any watch case you want, 

welcome to consult and order, watch case factory, we are professional.