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How long can Tissot watch batteries last?

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How long can Tissot watch batteries last?

The battery life of Tissot watches ranges from one year to ten years. In order to avoid sudden loss of power, 

Tissot quartz watches will generally give notice 1 to 10 days in advance.

Although the battery is dead, the Tissot watch will continue to go, but we still recommend replacing the battery as soon as possible.

Generally, when the second hand of an analog Tissot quartz watch jumps two bars at a time, it means that the battery is almost exhausted. The digital display electronic watch will use the flashing display board to indicate that the battery is running out.

Generally, when replacing the battery of a Tissot watch with a diving watch, it takes about two weeks to replace it because of the waterproof test. Different watches have different time for battery replacement. We have to arrange the time for battery replacement according to our watch type.

How to tell if the battery of a Tissot watch needs to be replaced?

1. Current quartz watches generally have a battery life indicator function. The three-hand (or second hand) quartz watch basically has a battery life indicator function. When the battery capacity is about to run out and the voltage begins to drop, the second hand will pause for 4 seconds, and then jump rapidly for 4 seconds. The watch pauses for 2 seconds, and then jumps rapidly for 2 seconds. This function is called EOL (BATTERY END-OF-LIFE INDICATION). When this phenomenon occurs, the battery must be replaced in time, during which the watch can last about a week to half a month after being transported. (The two-handed quartz watch does not have this function)

2. Imported watches indicate the date of the next battery replacement on the sticker on the back cover of the watch at the time of purchase. When you buy a watch, you should pay attention to the date of the next battery change indicated on the sticker on the back cover, but usually the actual battery life will be longer.

3. The watch suddenly goes slow or stops at times. When the battery power drops and the capacity is insufficient, the internal resistance of the battery will increase and the voltage will drop, especially when there is a relatively large current output or the outside temperature is relatively low, the watch will stop or suddenly appear to be slow or sometimes The phenomenon of stopping while walking.

4. The digital display of the watch is dim, and the digital display disappears when there is an alarm function. The functions of turning on the lights and alarm of the digital display watch are particularly power-consuming. If the LCD digital display dims or even disappears when the lights and alarms are turned on, it means it is time to change the battery.

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