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Model No.: mk89Ballistic Bulletproof briefcase

  • 1 - 19 Pieces
  • 20 - 49 Pieces
  • 50 - 99 Pieces
  • >=100 Pieces

Features: 1: Bulletproof briefcases are built for government officials, entrepreneurs and business elites. For daily use, such as a traditional briefcase, you can carry documents and personal belongings. When an emergency occurs, this briefcase can be quickly deployed to form a tough shield in front of the human body. 2: Main Materials: high-strength polyethylene fiber bulletproof material and high-performance fiber fabric. 3: Opening time :1second 4:Protection area :0.52㎡ 5: Leather bag Weight ≤4.5kg, Cloth bag Weight ≤3.5kg, Folded height :35cm, Width:52cm; Expanded height 103cm,Height:52cm, 6: Color: Black 7: One-handed physical way to open, opening time <1s, with inner handle. 8: Executive standard: The briefcase contains three bullet-proof chips that meet the third-level standards, providing all-round protection and being able to withstand various pistol attacks. In addition, this product is light in weight and is equipped with a rapid deployment system to ensure rapid deployment at critical times. The outer material of the briefcase is high-quality pure cowhide, which is waterproof, abrasion-resistant, and anti-pull. 9: Leather: 3 fold. Cloth: 4 fold.
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