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Model No.: MK02GPMG BFA MP5 M4M16 BMG Attachment

Blank firing attachment BFA for M4M16 GPMG MP5 AR15

Bright yellow body color clearly indicates it as a safety device
Emulates weight, length, and feel of an actual SureFire suppressor during training exercises that simulate entry/breaching maneuvers, cornering, and room clearing drills
Incorporates durable, fail-safe construction and the highest-quality materials
Orifice system regulates gas pressure generated by blank ammunition for reliable cycling of host weapons with various barrel lengths
Fast-Attach mechanism allows secure attachment/ detachment in seconds-no tools required
Long service life
Made from Blank firing adapter China manufacturer,  we have other model BFA blank fire attachment for AR15 

AR-15/M4 Heavy Duty Blank Firing Attachment supplier providing you high quality products at good price, custom BFA available at quite fast delivery time, inquiry us for more details and quotes today.


1. 3rd Gen Blank Firing Adaptor for Length AR-15
2. Fits Standard A2 Flash Hider and Barrel
3. Made from High Strength Steel Alloy with Precision Manufacturing
4. Robust User-friendly Ring for Handy Carrying and Operation
5. Durable Red Paint for Long-Term Protection and Distinction
6. More Robust and Heavy-duty Center Hex Nut to Provide Mil-standard Performance Highest Quality, Most Coveted Part for Law Enforcement/Military Training

Material: Steel
Weight: 4.8 oz
Color: Red / Yellow

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