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Model No.: WA6Tactical M4 AR15 Sling Quick Release Detach QD Sling Swivel Adapter 20mm Picatinny Rail Mount

2 pcs Push Button Quick Detach Release Button Strap Ring Holder QD Sling Swivel Scope Mount Ring

Bullet point :

Portable size, carry it anytime, anywhere
Rapid Push Button Detachable Swivels.
Easy to install, and versatile.
Suitable for most ARs that meet industry standards. Suitable for hunting, gun movements, tactical shooting and other indoor or outdoor activities.
Suitable for universal housings in stock and on rails. For example: magpul, Ak QR / QD slot, (you need to install the QD button first.)

Material: steel
Ring size: 1.25 inches. Suitable for slings up to 1.25 inches wide
Easy to use and install, lightweight heavy-duty button QD sling swivel mounts are easy to push buttons for removing and installing swivel joints.
Packing list

2 pcs Push Button Quick Detach Release QD Sling Swivel Scope Mount Ring


Fit on 20mm weaver rails.

Allowing swivel capability to your sling.

Come with Large 1-1/4" push button sling loop.

Simply push button to detach and attach swivel.

Quick- detach feature provides emergency weapon install and release.
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