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Model No.: UT308 UT308 Low noise digital two way radio pair for kids

  • Designed For Kids】They are petite in size. Fits comfortably in children's hands with special ergonomic design. There is a clip at the back of the walkie talkie, you can hang it on your pockets and belt to carry everywhere easily. Modern compact design. Simple push to talk operation, Broadcast to one or multiple units, ability to use different channels.
  • ☎【Multi-Application Walkie Talkies】22 Main Channels, 3 miles talk range, Built-in flashlight, bright LCD display, palm size, low battery alert, Vox handfree function ect. You can call your kids back home from neighborhood or from the outside play yard or downstair for dinner.
  • ☎【Use at Night】Flashlight on the top for the night work, it is improves visibility in the dark. And the built-in flashlight can be used as an emergency light. Your kids can keep in touch with each other while hiking, spring outing and summer camping.
  • ☎【Perfect Gift】Walkie talkies is a nice gift toy for Christmas, Halloween, birthday. The kids walky talky toy for both indoor and outdoor activities such as outdoor game, spring outing and summer camping,Camping, Hiking, Biking etc. It is also a good toy to strength parent-child interactive communication.
  • ☎【Easy to Use】They are incredibly easy to use and have a keypad lock to prevent your child from accidentally changing the settings. All you have to do is set both radios to the same channel, give one to your child, and keep the other for yourself. It is suitable for kids aged 3 and up. But this toy easy to use for 5-13 years old kids. NOTE: Requires 4x AAA batteries(Not included).


Distance: Up to 3 miles(open field)

Sub code: CTCSS 99

Frequency: 400-470MHz

Battery: 4*AAA(Not included)

Transmission power: 500mW ERP

Modulation type: FM-F3E

Channel spacing: 12.5/25kHz

charger adapter: output:7.5VDC/350MA

Function Description:

1. Battery: This machine uses 4 AAA batteries.

2. Belt clip: This machine is equipped with a belt clip for easy use.

3. Call (CALL key): Press this key to send a call signal to other walkie-talkies.

4. Display (LCD): Multi-purpose display, which can display channel, volume and other usage status.

5. On/off key: keep pressing this key to turn on and off the machine.

6. Illumination key (LAMP key): Press this key to turn on the illuminating lamp.

7. Channel scan key (SCAN key): Press this key to start/stop the channel scan function.

8. Function key (MENU key): channel and function selection key, long press can lock the menu.

9. Monitor button (MON button): can continuously monitor weak signals.

10. Talking key (TALK key): Press to talk.

11. Up and down adjustment key: Use this key to change up and down to adjust the channel, listening volume and other usage status.

12. Earphone/ microphone/ charging jack: can be used for external earphone/ microphone/ charger.

Package Include:

2 x Walkie Talkies (Batteries Not Included)

1 x User's Manual

Simple maintenance:

If the machine gets wet, please turn it off immediately, remove the battery, wipe it dry with a soft cloth, and place the machine in a dry and cool place. Do not turn it on before it is dry.

Please gently wipe the dust and dirt with a soft cloth. Do not use any cleaning products or chemicals to avoid damage to the machine.

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