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Model No.: 581131538517long range WLN KD-C1 Two-Way Radio

Ultra-thin Mini Walkie Talkie VS BF-888S UHF long range WLN KD-C1 Two-Way Radio

  • 1 - 2 Pairs
  • 3 - 4 Pairs
  • >=5 Pairs

Main Features:

Item No.: T-E1
Size: 7.4*1.9*1.8cm
Weight: <17g
Working time: 12h
Range: 500-800m
Standby: 6-7 days
USB chager
1. New and high quality
2. Channel scan function is useful
3. Channel lock for safe use
4. SPK/MIC socket
5. Charge jack, convenient to charge
6. Automatic squelch, meet your needs freely
7. Automatic battery save is energy-saving and environment-friendly
8. Built-in flashlight for night use
9. Selective channels, you can choose what you like
10. LCD backlit display enables you to get information easily
11. Auto channel scan
12. Page tone alert
13. Low battery alert function, tell you charge it in time
  • Easy Use Walkie Talkies-With simple talk button is highly visible and easy to find by touch. Small size makes it convenient to carry around.It intended for ages 3 and up
  • VOX Function-A PTT button lets you communicate when you are busy but want to speak. when you set the VOX, and you don't need to press the PTT to speak, it will pick up the voice.
  • Long Range Communication-These walkie talkies for kids are set up from 0 to 3000m.
  • Multi-Application Walkie Talkies-Great for supermarkets, shopping center, festivals and other outdoor activities.
SKU: 581131538517
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