Do you bring walkie-talkies with you when you travel by car?

   As long as a team is formed, you can take it. Of course, the larger the team, the more necessary it will be. The main function of having a walkie-talkie is to ensure that the team acts in unison. Generally, in a team, the lead car is responsible for finding the way, exploring the road conditions, reporting the situation, etc. With the walkie-talkie, the rear car will be more calm. Otherwise, think about the wedding team. In order to ensure that everyone can keep up, you can only drive the double flash slowly to create congestion. . 

      However, self-driving tours are mainly based on long-distance travel, especially when crossing towns, it is impossible to keep up with the whole process, encountering traffic lights or being plugged by other cars, causing the rear car to be lost. At this time, the role of the walkie-talkie is reflected. If you want to use a mobile phone to contact, it is very troublesome to notify one by one, and using WeChat may not guarantee that everyone can see it immediately. . 

     If you donchr(34)t have a walkie-talkie, you need to discuss with all the drivers in advance to determine the route and emergency response measures. The flexibility is not as good as that with a walkie-talkie. For example, before I bought a walkie-talkie, I agreed with other people where to meet. I also drew a picture to show him that if the fleet is compact, just buy a small one. There are Decathlon in big cities, and there are walkie-talkies for sale, 149 pairs, easy to operate. , 0.5w power, it can cover two or three kilometers at high speed, no problem, your team canchr(34)t be stretched that long, generally enough.