Hazards of using wireless walkie-talkies with excessive radiation
The radiation value of a 10W walkie-talkie is 20 times that of a mobile phone. The radiation of the mobile phone is still within the normal radiation range, but when the radiation of the mobile phone increases by 20 times, do you still dare to use it every day? By analogy, the radiation of 12W and 15W walkie-talkies will be higher. Long-term use of walkie-talkies with excessive radiation will expose the body to a high-radiation environment for a long time, and the health of the body will deteriorate. Many facts have proved that radiation can cause pituitary dysfunction and many other nerve stimulation. These changes ultimately affect the entire body, causing a range of symptoms.

How to buy a regular brand walkie-talkie?
1. According to national regulations, the maximum power of wireless handheld walkie-talkies is not allowed to exceed 5 watts. Remember this, regular walkie-talkie manufacturers cannot produce more than 5W walkie-talkies.

2. Correctly check the code on the model approval certificate of the walkie-talkie. The approval code of the walkie-talkie is issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the Peoplechr(34)s Republic of China. Only radio stations that meet the national standard will have it. The approval code will be printed on the back panel of the machine when it leaves the factory. Only radio stations with approved codes can pass the inspection of the non-committee. European standard dealers and agents all have corresponding walkie-talkie model approval certificates, and the approval certificates for different models have unique approval codes, which can be queried online.